Tuesday, April 8, 2008

C Family Photo Shoot

I apologize for the delay in my posts as of late. I was on vacation :) Now I'm back, well rested and ready to take more photos
And now back to previous sessions.
This January I did a family photo shoot for the C family. I wasn't overly happy with how their actual family photos turned out but the client was satisfied so I'm satisfied. And I've been since booked to do their Christmas family photos.
Here's some of the proofs of their little guy "R"
Even though he's only a few months old, I love how he looks "deep in thought"

Let's see that up close

I couldn't have planned this one any better, the Love milk shirt with the smirk on the face and the tongue out licking his lips. Too perfect!

And probably my favourite shot from this session, his feet...'nough said :)

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