Monday, August 31, 2009


Tomorrow is the BIG day!
The official launch of the first Cyball Photography newsletter
So be sure to check your inbox, or even your junk mail just to be safe :)
I hope this is the first of many newsletters.
Any input or feedback you may have would be MUCH appreciated.
Also feel free to forward along to friends & family. 
If you're not on the mailing list, do not hesitate to contact me to be added
Also congrats going out to Jody who went and freakin' won the contest from Dingbat Press.
Seriously I am happy for you but still sulking that I didn't win that awesome prize!
Til next time, C

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Remember when I won THESE oh so cute tags from the dingbat press?
Well there's another contest going on.....
click HERE
to enter!!
Good Luck, but not too much luck cause I really want to win :)
Til next time, C

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things to Come....

Since I'm not really sure how I'll handle motherhood, I've been preparing as much as possible now with the freebies, blog posts, and so on to keep the blog at least somewhat interesting while I'm on mat leave.
And I'm soooooo excited with what's planned thus far!!
I'm really hoping you won't be disappointed.
That being said......I'm also looking for contributors.
If you have a product, a freebie, a blog, anything that you would like to give or have featured here on the blog. 
PLEASE let me know! The sooner the better.
I'll be happy to oblige....obviously I'll have to screen first to make sure its content appropriate :)
But then we're good to go!
Til next time, C

Monday, August 24, 2009


Only one more week and the first Cyball Photography Newsletter will be in your mailbox!!!
I've themed it "A Time for New Beginnings"
And what's a post without a's another from my maternity session since some of you have having problems accessing the Facebook album.
I still need to decide which ones to put up in the nursery...any suggestions?
Til next time, C

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Turn: Maternity

Yep last Friday it was my turn in front of the camera.
Was I nervous? Not really.....
I had such an awesome time with Kristen and Holly.
I was actually more nervous about how my husband would feel in front of the camera but boy was that worry for nothing.
He was amazing!!! He kept suggesting poses and ideas of how we should stand, sit, etc.
Not to mention I had put quite a bit of research into the "LOOK" that I was going for with our maternity/family photos.
I wanted an urban set of photos, which we managed by wearing jeans, funky tees and taking the photos in front of an old barn, an old house, doors, windows, walls and so on.
Then I wanted sunset photos in TALL grass, where I chose to wear a dress and asked Kristen to "dress up" some by wearing a plain white dress shirt with jeans.
I had also emailed Holly various photos from other photographers so she would have an idea and inspiration of what I was going for.
She did NOT disappoint....this is only ONE of my many favourites from the session
**Just a sidenote.....Holly gave me all un-edited photos so I could tweak them however I SWEET is that?!?!!? **
But all this rambling leads to this point.....
You get out of your photos what you put into it.
Holly is an amazing photographer who didn't hesitate for a second to roll in the grass just to get this perfect shot.
However, it was MUCH easier for her to capture my vision because I was CLEAR about my expectations.
Photographers have talent but they're not mind reading miracle workers.
If you don't know what you want, then how can your photographer portray you in the true sense of you?
Anyway.....Holly thank you thank you!
 I knew you'd be able to portray Kristen & I in the exact way we wanted for our expected bundle of joy.
Along with making a custom designed photobook, now I have to decide what prints to hang in the nursery.
If you want to see some more of my favs from the session
Click HERE 
for my Facebook link
And for Holly's blog, click HERE
Give the girl some love.....she totally deserves it!
Til next time, C

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maternity: Brittany

I didn't intend for this week to be maternity week, but it appears as if it's worked out to be that way :)
Here's a sneak peek of my very sweet cousin Brittany's maternity shoot.
This was my gift to her in lieu of a traditional baby shower I can't show too many photos as her gift is in the mail and I don't want to ruin the surprise.
Seriously.....look at how cute Brittany and Vince are?
Brittany, I'm so happy we're able to share this experience together.
I hope you like you sneak peek!
Til next time, C

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maternity: Joanne

When Joanne contacted me for her Bump & Baby package I was weary about taking the booking.
Being as far along in her pregnancy as she was, I was terrified that she would go into labour early and then "boo" no maternity photos.
But Baby Grice has decided to wait until closer to the due date to make his or her entrance into the world. Not sure how Mommy Joanne feels about that, but I'm sure relieved I was able to take photos without any contractions :)
It seemed everything was in our favour, no early labour, the thunder storms held off until about 20 minutes after we had finished our session and I was able to get these awesome photos
I know it's not a belly shot, but look how great these two look!
Couldn't decide which one I liked best of Joanne, so here's both. You pick!
I really liked this one too
The heart around the belly....of course
Love the relaxed feel of this one
And my fav from the session....
I'm totally digging the sepia effect, along with the flower being the focal point
Joanne & Darryl thank you.
It was a great way to spend an early Sunday morning. Despite my being late, again I apologize :)
The best of luck with your labour & delivery, I can't wait for the newborn session to meet Baby Grice.
And Joanne, what a nice time catching up....I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you again in the very near future.
Til next time, C 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Maternity Leave

I'm officially on mat leave and no longer taking bookings, I have a couple of sessions that will be taking place in the near future to clue up my 2009 season and then I'm off to prepare for our own new bundle of joy.
I cannot thank you enough for the most amazing summer with Cyball Photography :)
I was busier than I ever imagined and I'm so grateful.
But no worries, even though the blog posts might slow down, I'm going to do my best to have at least weekly updates, which will include giveaways, specials, favourites of 2009, 2010 pricing and promos, not to mention photos of our little one when he or she arrives.
I'll keep you updated about Christmas card sessions since I've had numerous requests to do them again this year. As of right now I'm saying no, I am not, since who knows how I'll be adjusting to motherhood, however if things are going well and it's something I feel I can put on my plate, you will be the first to know.
I've also started a newsletter to come out 3 times a year, September, January and May. It's in the works, so if you would like to be added to the mailing list, please comment here, message me on Facebook or send an email to
The newsletter will also include features of past clients (that could be YOU), freebies, and other random bits of goodness!
Again, thank you sooooo much! 
I really do love each and everyone of my clients, you guys ROCK! 
I'm seriously so lucky to do what I love and to know people like you :)
Til next time, Christa

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just Because: Sarah

Sarah is turning 1 soon and her Mom wanted to celebrate the occasion by giving her a Just Because session.
When Sarah laughs she scrunches up her whole face, its quite adorable.
Her Mom was worried that we didn't get any of her worries Mom, Sarah was quite the pleasant little girl to photograph and I was not disappointed with the results.
Stinky feet....LOL
I agree Sarah, they don't smell. Everyone is so silly :)
The one thing Sarah really disliked though, was her bare feet touching the grass.
She would get shivers and everything.
As bad as I felt for her I couldn't help but laugh everytime she did it.
Look at her with the one foot lifted off the grass
Time to read a story
Ahhh....didn't think the sepia tone would look this nice with the flowers.
Boy was I wrong! I love these
I'm also working on designing a custom card for Sarah's mom with one of the photos from the session. She had requested I use this verse that I just LOVE.
"We can't believe, though we've had so much fun, our Sweet little Sarah is turning one"
Happy Birthday Sarah, here's to many more.
And to Sarah's Mom, thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to meet your precious daughter. I had a wonderful time :)
Til next time, C

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Because: Jamey & Jason

Jamey and Jason...Wow!
That is the best word to sum up my shoot with them last Friday night.
They've been engaged for a while but commented that when they had done their engagement photos that it wasn't exactly what they had in mind.
Instead for this shoot, which I would call maybe an un-official engagement shoot, they picked an old church, St. Georges Anglican to be exact which is 100 plus years old.
I admire this church every morning on my way to work and was BEYOND thrilled when Jamey contacted me about doing the shoot at this location.
It was music to my ears, if you're a regular blog follower you know I love brick walls, steps, and old heart does an extra pitter patter.
But here's the best part, after the session was over, I hung out with Jason and Jamey, just chatting for almost 2 hours!! Maybe more.....
They are such wonderful people. They really are the whole package, beautiful inside and out.
But I'll let you be the judge of the outside for now.....Jamey & Jason here is your official sneak peek!
I just realized that I didn't even know which photo to begin with since I love them all so much
He, he, he...this one is cute
I call this one Jason's "fierce" pose....and not in a mocking way. He looks good!
I call these next couple the "romantic" ones
And this one too....they were all for lying in the grass, sitting in the grass, doing just about anything I requested of them.
And here's was SO worth it, don't you think?
 This one is my favourite if I HAD to pick just one
And to conclude, a couple of beautiful solo shots of Jamey
As I was taking this photo, I said to Jamey, I'm so glad the wind is in our favour.
Seriously Jamey knew just how to work it out!
Thank you again...for being great people, picking awesome locations, and putting up with the what seemed like silly requests at the time but I'm thrilled with the end product.
It proved again, just why I LOVE what I do. It's clients and new friends like you that make it all worthwhile :)
Til next time, C.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Because: Reed

I had a mini session with my dear friends little boy may have seen him on this blog a few times.
His mom requested if I could do just a few fun photos of him at the park.
I was more than happy to oblige
How fun does this look?
And my favourite from the mini session...he's too cute.
Mini session or not...I still loved hanging out and just having fun :)
Til next time, C

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Because: Myrna

Myrna, Myrna, Myrna...where do I even begin?
I've saved the best for last. She is the final session from my trip to Newfoundland.
Myrna is one of my closest friends, a childhood friend, a member of the chicky poo's, a sister I never had (seriously look at our hair colour....LOL) and so many other things.
Myrna absolutely picked the best prop for her Just Because session.
Her Dad's old broken down GMC truck.
And not only did she pick the pefect prop, she wore a timeless outfit that allowed me to put rockin' photoshop finishes on her photos.
All of these you're about to see have some sort of "finished editing" on them.
I don't do it a lot but this whole feel just called for it. Trust me on this one :)
Without further ado, smokin' hot Myrna
This is the truck with the shoes as the accent, of course!
I love this shot, it's so "boudoir" because of the peeking pink bra
Added a little sunshine to this one
Maybe too much, Myrna needed her shades.
Cool just took on a whole new meaning
This is one of my many favs....probably because of the old school finish
But this one, now this one is my FAV.
It's everything I could ever want in a shoot all wrapped up in one photo
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
For being you, for being adventurous, creative, fun, and unique.
I love the clients who take the extra effort to plan their session from the location, to props, to outfits, even the shoes :)
Myrna you made it all worth while. Love you!
Til next time, C

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