Friday, July 25, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding....

....well I should say "one" of my best friends weddings...
Jen & Chris who've been friends with my husband & I almost for 9 years.
We went to Nfld for the weekend....which seems a little extreme, but when they're such good friends, and you have enough air miles, you make the decision and go :)
Here's a few photos...first the bride & groom themselves.
Taking advantage of an old broken lobster pot on the beach.
Jenny...basking in the sunlight
The blushing, no check that, giggling bride :)
The car for the day
The bridesmaids
The proud parents
Jen's maid of honour & sister helping her to get ready
The groomsmen
and in full colour
Who could forget the most important details of the day...the dress and the oh so cute shoes...brown to match the bridesmaid dresses.
Jen & Chris ....I wish you all the happiness life can bring. Here's to the both of you :)

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