Saturday, November 8, 2008

Danny & Khrysti-Lee

***This is a re-post due to technical difficulties***
I love all of my sessions. They're all unique, I'm yet to have two sessions the my clients I guess :) However, this one is one of my favourite sessions ever, for a few reasons.
One, I was able to try a few techniques/looks that I've been wanting to test out. And I don't feel is appropriate for children or families. It's just not the "look" they're usually going for.
Second, Danny & Khrysti were really easy going about the whole trying whatever I asked them.
I'm "tickled pink" with the results.
That being said, I'm am OFTEN misunderstood, so to answer your question even before you ask, yes they're supposed to be that far apart. Now on with the photos.....
First, my FAV shot of Danny
My FAV shot of Khrysti :)
Playing with some sepia tones
And of course some textures, this is an acquired taste.
I LOVE Urban looking locations....another little glimpse into my creative mind...or lack thereof maybe?? he he :) Matter of opinion I guess :)
Scroll down to the slideshow for more photos from the session
Til next time, C.

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