Wednesday, December 3, 2008

he, he he.....
I love reading about your favourite Christmas carols and why....even if they are depressing (**Heather**...LOL) And yes, "photo quilts" I totally remember driving your dad crazy....aaaahhh the good 'ol days when we thought pushing our parents to the edge was funny :)
Also forgot to mention the contest is open to anyone who has a legit mailing all you 'out of towners' are eligible contestants! Good Luck to you.
Keep the entries coming....time is running out. Have a great weekend.
And what's a post without a photo
Til next time, C.

3 Happy Thoughts:

Heather said...

YEH Christa--depressing song but it makes me think of others and thats what we should all be doin a little more of, isn't it???? We have to be thankful for sooo much yet we want , want, want......

heh nice to have my name in your blog though LOL!!

Myrna Hynes said...

great photo!
SO happy to be included this time!

Kayla said...

Hey! i just wanted to let you know i creep on your blog all the time and it is saved in my favourites :)
Love ya,

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