Friday, December 19, 2008

Year In Review....the post

As explained previously I'm working on my fav photos of 2008.....since life has caused me to put a little more on my plate than I can handle I've decided next week I'll do that post.
So for's my post about my year in review. This I normally do on my personal blog a little closer to New Years but today seems fitting.
Basically I want my Year in Review post to be a HUGE thank you. These are in no particular order, I'm just putting it out there.
My Husband.....
Kristen you are wonderful. I never would have attempted going this route with my photography this year had you not been there supporting me along the way. You gave me positive feedback, constructive criticism, "gentle" reminders to get off the computer after editing, tweaking, writing blog posts for hours. Listening to me ramble on about ideas, new stuff I learned, camera gear that I "need" :) and the list goes on. Without your behind the scenes input I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you, I love you.
My Family & Friends.....
You know who you are, the ones who were my shoulder to cry on when I was feeling discouraged, wanting to quit, having a hard time dealing with negative feedback.
More specifically Holly....the friend who has and will talk endless with me about photography, our blogs, Photoshop, simply everything & anything photography. You were the first to give me real & sincere encouragement. Thank you.
Other Photographers.....
How do I begin this thank you since they're not actually people I know....I just stalk their websites on a regular basis. being this year I emailed a few photographers about being a mentor of sorts. Not necessarily in a traditional way but to maybe give me some advice on starting out in the business. My responses were not good. For the most part I didn't receive responses, the ones that did respond basically told me they were too busy. And I understand, I really do, I was just disappointed. That's all.
Until Mary......
Mary left a comment on my blog one day. I immediately looked her up and found out she was a professional photographer. She with her husband Justin. Not only were they amazing & talented photographers, they even had a section on their website just for I did what I had done already this year, I sent an email. Mary responded....
She responded sincerely and with information to actually HELP me. Since then Mary periodically comments on my blog. She's wonderful, she really has no idea how encouraging it is to me that a professional lurks around, looks at my work and even gives feedback. Thank you, I'm truly grateful :)
Then there's Jasmine Star. I did send her an email once and I comment every now and then on her blog. She even left a comment on my personal blog one day...oh yeah very exciting. But there's "something" about her. Not only is she awesome, but she teaches, she understands what it's like to start out in the business and shares her experiences. She's not fake, she's real, she's down to earth. Even though she has no idea who I am, thank you. You are one of my main inspirations as to why I love what I do and why I have such a strong desire to keep moving forward.
Pioneer Woman and Miz Booshay who posts about Photography have taught me the basics of photography. Everything I know thus far is self taught and widely in part to these two ladies, from exposure, to depth of field, and so on. To quote Pioneer Woman they just "keep it real" that works for me. Thanks.
And last but certainly NOT clients.
And really I should have had you under my family & friends thank yous, cause really that's who you are. But you deserve this one all on your own!! Without you there would be no Cyball Photography. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that you decided to take a chance on me. How good it makes me feel that you enjoy my work and appreciate how I'm trying to tell your story, how I interpret your story.
Thank You!
Next week I'll be doing my fav photos of 2008 then not long after it'll be 2009. A fresh start, a new look, a better Cyball Photography. I hope you're as excited about the new year as I am.
Til next time, C.

3 Happy Thoughts:

stephano said...

hey Christa! Congrats' on having a wonderful blog, you really know how to construct the bridge between you and your past, current or soon to be clients.

I have to admit that this is my first time on your blog and it won't be the last.

merry christmas to you and Kristen and your parents that just arrived.

ps: basement project going smoothly?! lol

later from lisa and stephano

Mary Marantz said...

you're awesome!! I know you're going to do great things!! I'm so excited to see all of it happen for you!


Holly said...

You're amazing Christa!

You have a way of being and staying positive that has actually really impacted me. When you forgot your house keys one night you guys walked home from C & V's and had to walk all the way back, you were still bubbly as could be. If it had been me, I would have been really cranky. I think that's a great strength you have and I think it's helped you in your first year of business. Stay positive and just keep going b/c you're doing great!

I can't wait to see what you have planned for 2009!

Best wishes,

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