Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Surprise....

in light of tomorrow being Valentines....I'm having a surprise contest.
He, he, he....I love freebies, contests, surprises, give-aways.
So here it is, tell me how you and your significant other met. I'll go through your stories and pick a winner.
Deadline to enter your stories will be next Friday, Feb 20th
Send by email to or just comment on this post.
What will the best story win you ask?!!?!?
Winner receives a FREE engagement session.
If you're already married, no worries we'll call it a LOVE session. No kids allowed, just you and your significant other.

If you're not planning on getting married anytime soon and still want photos of your & your significant other. You're still eligible to enter, it's a LOVE session :)
Happy Valentines!!
Til next time, C.

4 Happy Thoughts:

Stephanie said...

Cory and I went to the same high school but weren`t friends. I asked him out on a date (through a friend of course-this was high school) and we`ve been together ever since <3

Photo Quilts said...

Colin and I were both employees on the night shift at Home Depot. lol. We got to talking and eventually Colin asked me to "hang out" after work. The rest is history. :)

Della said...

Jamie and I met when his friend asked me out but I told him No that I liked his friend(lol) later that evening Jamie then came up to me told me that he thought I was beautiful, bought me a drink and then we talked for 4 hours straight and we have been together every since and that was five years ago.

Myrna Hynes said...

Am I allowed to participate? or am I too late?
Ok, so WAY back in the days of playing sports in highschool, we were in Norris Point on a bball trip. I saw this cute boy with the prettiest blue eyes and, being the brave 15-year old, asked his name. He said, "Jamie" all the while looking at me like I was a complete and utter moron and then he walked away - ugh! Diss! Years later, I'm single and work with Jenny - he kept asking about me - Jenny kept telling him I wasn't interested and she tried to warn me to stay away - hahaha! Eventually, we MET again and he sent me the most awkward email (remember it?) at work asking me to go out sometime. I laughed so hard but did say yes and then Jenny's 3rd wheel added a 4th!

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