Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clear to Create

I received an email last week called Clear to Create.....I thought it was encouraging especially when photography can be criticized so easily by so many. 
Just be yourself and proud of the work you do, I'm learning that...slowly :)

Here are insights for you Clear to Create:
  • Ego has 3 major components:
       1. Guilt making machine
       2. Fault finding machine
       3. Is constantly saying, "This isn't it! You gotta find it!"
  • Love yourself first.
  • Is what comes out of your mouth unconditional love for yourself?
  • What comes out of your mouth, is it based on unconditional love of others.
  • Throw the seeds and don't be attached to the outcome.
  • Mastery is about "playing the game of life" and knowing that it is a game.
  • Love yourself and don't allow others to bring you down.
  • You never fail.
  • You have to feel worthy.
  • "I am" are the most powerful words, use them wisely.
  • Don't limit yourself. You are an individual unit of God.
  • Being always connected to God is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets.
  • The Universe is not attached to what I want. It will always deliver what I am focusing on.
  • Life is a buffet, take only what you want and stop complaining about the rest.
  • Don't give yourself any excuse to not be on the path.
Til next time, C

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Jennifer Lamy said...

So true! Thanks for sharing!

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