Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just Because: Kerri Is Three

To Mommy & Daddy Kerri is their little princess.
After my session with this soon to be 3 year old, I can easily see why.
She didn't mind getting her picture taken for the first 10 minutes and then her remark was
" can we go to the park?"
And even though Mommy said she had to wait, that was fine.
No tears, no pouting, we continued on and took more photos.
She was quite the little trooper considering she didn't have her nap that day for this fine evening shoot.
And I can truly say that I now consider Kerri a little princess too.
Here's a sneak peek of a her "Princess Photos"
I think this one is my fav
Tomorrow the non-princess photo's and a few of Mommy & Daddy too
Til next time, C

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