Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Because: Holly

I'm really not a person who is ever at a loss for words.
I've been told on many occassions I have the "gift of gab" and even call myself a "chatty cathy" but when it comes to Holly I don't even know where to begin.
I met Holly a couple of years ago and not only has she become a friend, she's one of the few people who has supported my quest to become a photographer from the very beginning.
She has given me random notes and gifts of encouragement at the least expected times but always at the most appropriate times.
She'll talk photography with me for hours...yeah literally.
She's my sounding board when I have my MANY new ideas, some good & some very bad :)
And when she asked if I'd photograph her, in celebration of acheiving her degree, I was more than happy to oblige.
Holly is such a hard worker.....she worked full time, went to school and maintained a very hectic schedule and yet still managed to balance it all.
But at last all the hard work paid off because now she can officially say she has her degree. Congrats!
Another reason I didn't know how to start this blog post is because I had so many favourites
You probably all know by now I'm a sucker for a good wall, fence or post
Or bridges...bridges are cool too
Holly was such a good sport about lying on the green grass in a white shirt. I've been wanting to try some lying down poses for quite a while and she was totally up for the challenge
LOVE this one...I think it's how the wind has blown just that one strand of hair across her face
Yep I can officially say this one is my favourite
And then the fence....c'mon did you think I wouldn't have any fence photos?
And one of Holly and her boyfriend for good measure....
...of course by the fence. Like you even had to ask :)
Holly I had a wonderful time, you were so easy going and relaxed even though I knew you were a bit nervous.
You were a natural....and being so beautiful certainly helps too.
No worries :)
Thank you and not just for the opportunity to photograph you, for everything.
Til next time, C

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Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing gorgeous pictures! Awesome job, i love them!!


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