Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Newfoundland Bound

Guess where I'm headed tomorrow...yep Newfoundland.
After talking about it ALL winter here on the blog, the time has finally arrived.
So excited....
For so many reasons.
The whole reason I'm going home...need a reminder?
Yes the wonderful Della & Jamie
Not to mention all the other shoots I have scheduled while there.
This blog will be on overload when I return.
Plus visiting all of my very dear family and friends....yay!
Just a heads up....Friday will still have the regular feature photographer. After that I'll do my best to update but we'll see how my schedule works out :)
I cannot wait to show you all the goodness when I return. I'm also going to try go mobile with my twitter so check back for updates or just follow me.....
Til next time, C

2 Happy Thoughts:

Holly said...

Have an amazing trip!

Myrna Hynes said...

Can't wait to see you!!

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