Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Custom Albums

I love photobooks, which is why I offer custom albums as part of my a la carte selection.
And is also why I include albums in my wedding packages.
They're such a beautiful keepsake to showcase those special moments.
This summer I designed a couple "paperback" albums as a complimentary item to a few engagement sessions that I did.
I did this for a number of reasons;
1. I wanted to see how the paperback version compared to the leather hardcover version
2. If it looked decent I would add this "cheaper" option to my album selection.
3. Since they're complimentary the client wasn't out any money if they were unhappy with the product.
Last week I received my first of a few album orders that I did....
Remember this is a softcover album.
I took a few quick photos of on my kitchen cupboard in poor lighting. 
But at least you'll get the idea.....
First the cover
This is the "basic black" option
Other choices include no photo (solid blank cover) or the whole cover being the photo only
Side view....the albums are 10 pages
Extra pages can be added for an additional fee.
Also note you're not limited to "1" photo per page though I do prefer a "simple" look
I like when things are nice & clean...too much going on takes away from the photo

A sample of one of the layouts. 
I could have put a photo on EACH page but in this case I decided not too.
The main reason being, the new fad with engagement shoots these days is to have a "sign in" book designed using your engagement photos which you use at your wedding as the guest book.
In lieu of a traditional guest book or the signing of the matted photo to later frame.
So I left every 2nd page blank in case these future brides do happen to choose these complimentary albums as their sign in book.
The left page guests would sign while admiring the beautiful couple on the right :)
And then of course, some shameless self promotion at the end :)
Also note the albums are available in 2 sizes.....this one is the smaller of the two the 7x9
The other size is 9x12 (which is standard with the wedding packages)
I personally think the 7x9 option is a great choice as a "parent album"
I'll post photos of my other albums as the orders arrive :)
Til next time, C

2 Happy Thoughts:

vicki said...

Oh my gosh, these are beautiful!

Myrna Hynes said...

These are gorgeous! What a great idea to use as a guest book for the wedding!

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