Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fall Photo Shoot with S

These are a few shots from my photo shoot with "S" last October
It was scheduled for a certain time but due to running late Mommy rushed home with S and off we went to find a suitable/leafy Fall spot to take some Autumn shots.
Note the lighting is kind of dark, that's because it was almost dark by the time we were completed.
S & The Scarecrow
Most of the other shots have Mommy's hand gently taking the leaves OUT of her mouth
I LOVE when babies look serious, just because most of the time they're not. They are either laughing, crying or sleeping. It's the rare expression that I always seem to pick as a fav. And last but not least, chillin' on the hay :)
Despite the poor circumstances for this shoot, I was still pleased with the end results. Thanks M & S (oh and Daddy in the truck shining the headlights for extra lighting) it's been one of my more adventurous shoots :)

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