Tuesday, April 22, 2008

N Maternity Shoot

My shoot from Saturday....a sneak peak of N :)
Who is just soooo sweet, shy and simply "darn adorable"
First the over the shoulder pose
This one I call Sun up Above
Wouldn't be right without a fence pose
Mommy & Daddy...no let me correct myself, a very proud mommy & daddy
A favourite technique of mine, the black & white with the focal point in colour
And last but not least the family dog...Riley...who's saying..."Now if both of us are going to live here....these are the rules!!"
And that's the end of our show.
N, your package will be ready VERY soon. Thanks for the opportunity, you're a joy to work with :)

1 Happy Thoughts:

Stephanie said...

Great job! I think the fence pose is my fav....

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