Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog Photos Template

I get so excited when I figure out new photoshop stuff.
Here's my latest...a template for all of my photos for my blog. And what better way to show off our puppy Boone, who is just over 5 months and growing too quickly :(
The exciting part is how easy I can do my blog posts now, all I have to do is insert the photo, save and upload. I have a few different ones made for future use, such as vertical, hortizontal and two-up.

I'm also working on a couple more templates plus storyboards that I'll be adding to my product line in the new year....can't wait to show you samples.
Til Next Time, C.


1 Happy Thoughts:

Mary Marantz said...

Omigosh! Cooper used to look JUST like that! Awww what a cutie! Make sure to keep him away from acorns!! Looonng story! :)

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