Friday, November 21, 2008

Technical Talk

Hey Everyone....Happy Friday!
I want to discuss a few things today....
(1) Blog posts
After this week they'll be Tuesdays & Thursdays until the new year.
Due to taking December off I won't have many (if any) client updates/proofs to post so I'll be adding more photgraphy related/personal items.
(2) Technical Talk
This is what today's post will be about. If you would like more technical talk let me know about what. I'm still learning but we can learn together :) Let's share our knowledge.
(3) Thanks
...for stopping by, it gives me warm fuzzies that you take the time to read my blog.
Now on with the technical talk.....
These photos of my front yard & park across the street, I took yesterday, before heading out to work. I'm a good 'ol Canadian girl that loves snow :) tee hee
If you look closely at these photos you'll see grain or noise. Put simply just a lack of clarity. Look closely :) See how there's almost "dots" in the sky?
Let me tell you why and how I acheived this....
Why.....Low light
To shoot in low light you have a few options
Flash - I didn't want to use flash since it wouldn't have shown the nice morning light
Tripod - set the camera on a long exposure to get in enough light. I didn't have enough time I was on my way to work
ISO settings - this I could do, it does result in grain but that didn't matter to me for this composition.
How....ISO settings
This photo was taken in manual mode with my ISO way up to 1600 (it does have higher settings but this was sufficient) And in jpeg format because I didn't have time to convert from RAW. Photographers get this lingo....sorry if I'm boring you.
I sacrificed the quality, per se, to get the "effect" of the lighting. Ambiance if you will.
Note...these are un-edited photos, straight out of the camera.
That being said, a LOT of photographers these days are taking photos with a lot of grain (or noise) it's almost like it's an "in" thing right now in the photography world. Even if the photo doesn't have grain, they add it while editing in photoshop.
I will also say that if I owned a better camera, a D700 or D3 for example grain at 1600 would be virtually unheard of, and then I'd have still have the very cool lighted shot :)
Anyway that's a discussion for another time, I digress.
And that's my lesson for today folks....if any of this info is wrong or you can add to it...please do so :) It's up for discussion.
Til next time, C.

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