Friday, January 16, 2009

Boudoir Sessions

Hands up if you've ever heard of a "Boudoir" session.
Do you know what it is? Well...let me tell you.
They're tasteful yet sexy photos of yourself, usually in super pretty lingere :)  Hair & Make up are done with a bit more "punch"  to glam up the look done by either yourself or a professional.
If you want to see actual photos of this genre of photography I recommend checking out Critsey Rowe.  She is a wedding photographer who also has a separate website called Couture Boudoir specializing in these types of sessions.

I've never done a boudoir shoot before, but to decide what type of photography I want to focus on down the road, I feel I need to at least dabble in all sorts of genres to be a better and more rounded photographer. I've done a lot of thinking if I should even do this post today since it is somewhat risque, but here we are. 
In light of Valentines just around the corner, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in surprising their Hubby/Boyfriend/Significant other with such a gift? If yes, get in touch. Since you'll be my first session we'll work out something really good for you. It'll be discreet, professional & tasteful since I get how vulnerable you could feel in such a situation, this sort of session is definitely not for everyone. Also note photos will not be shown on my website unless authourized by yourself.

So yeah.....think about it, let me know :)
Happy Friday & have a great weekend!!!
Til next time, C.

2 Happy Thoughts:

Myrna Hynes said...

I Love these~ And you know I would totally be the first in line if I was close by (I could be your guinea pig), can you do airbrushing too?! Cause I'd need LOTS of that to look like these girls!

Photo Quilts said...

I absolutely love these too! I would be your guinea pig too but of course, like Myrna, I would NEED the airbrushing as well. Lots and lots and lots and lots (well you get the idea) lol.

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