Sunday, January 18, 2009

She Said Yes

Getting engaged is a special moment between all couples. It's a very vulnerable moment, because even though you're sure she'll say yes, there's sometimes still that bit of doubt or anxiousness. What if she does say no? Well if you took the plunge and she said yes, have you consider sending out cards to your family to announce the happy news?
Here's a few samples of the greeting cards that are included with my "She Said Yes" package. I've kept them all in the same colour for sample purposes, but it can be changed. And to clarify at the time I've posted these, Danny & Khrysti are not engaged, and if they are I'm not aware of it :) These are strictly "mock up" examples.
This is the "1 pic" horizontal, this can come in vertical as well.
This is the "2 pic" horizontal. Again can be in vertical
I have a "3 pic" option but I'm sure you get the idea by now.
But what if you had up to FOUR favourite photos from your engagement session and just couldn't decide? Then we go to the "4 pic" horizontal.
Now.....if you're getting married away, maybe a destination wedding. It's improper wedding etiquette to send out the formal invitations too soon, so how about a "Save the Date" card. That way your friends & family can book their flights, hotels, etc in due time.
The Save the Date cards can be selected in lieu of the She said Yes cards.
These are one photo designs since additional information go on these.
Vertical option
Horizontal Option :)
Til next time, C.

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Myrna Hynes said...

I love the save the date cards,...I wish you were doing this when I sent mine out!

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