Monday, April 20, 2009

Full Circle

I love when things go full circle.....
Do you remember this maternity photo shoot from last April?
And then the newborn photos of little "N" not long after?
Well this weekend (weather permitting and so far it is) I'll be doing his One Year Old photos!
I'm so excited for so many reasons....
First, who doesn't love a little 1 year old and they're cherub faces!
Secondly it seems my 2009 season is officially beginning this's warming up, the grass is turning green, we're getting rain days now instead of snow, I have bookings coming my way.
Third, new photos here on the blog.
How boring has this winter been? I apologize sincerely. But no more from now on there will be frequent updates and posts that include photos!
This is my promise to you :) Monday all fresh photos! Woo-freakin-hoo!
Also if you're interested in a May photo shoot book soon.
Til next time, C.

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