Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chick Clicks

This passion for photography has definitely been a journey for me. From just having a love of pictures, to taking photos of friends & family, to thinking I was going to go pro much too soon to now....
Today I am still an amateur photographer hoping to go pro. But now I'm doing it right.
I'm learning and taking in all information possible to help me along this path I've decided to take.
I read other blogs of photographers (some quite successful) and whole heartedly hang on every word as I'm reading in hopes to pick up on some tip or insight that could help me down the road.
I'm now reading various photography & business books as recommended by other photographers to help me get in the right mind-set.
And I've started sending out emails to photographers in my area asking if I can help them. Either as an assistant, a second shooter, or something as simple as meeting up for a cup of coffee.
Well I've had a couple of I'm in teh works of setting something up to meet for coffee. More on that once it actually occurs.
And another photographer responded to one of my emails with this!
It's a website for female photographers who are already pro's or are hoping to go pro. They have a forum, workshops, blog, and who knows what else. I just found out about them and it has made my day. This is exactly what I've been looking for, a group in my area where like-minded photographers can meet and be friends. On top of that they're all about being positive and not competitive. They want to encourage one another, not tear down.
Oh yeah baby...I'm all about that.
So ladies...if you're interested check them out!
Til next time, C

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