Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Hodge Podge

Hello my loyal readers :)
Just some hodge podge today...nothing in particular to talk about just random things.
First, the survey.
Thanks for all the input. It was SUPER helpful and I'm using the information to tweak my future packages accordingly.
Secondly, full resolution files.
I've been working on some different ways to give my clients their full resolution photos from their sessions. I think I've finally found something that is both practical and still personalized without looking cheesy. I feel a lot of my "after products" have had some cheese factor. I'm trying to eliminate that. And I'm thinking "mission accomplished" Hey, I'm a rookie here and still learning :)
Third, Custom Photo Albums
The supplier I use for my photo albums have ''pre-set" templates for their albums. I've since figured out a way to custom design my own templates and still use my suppliers album. I can't even express how excited I am about this. I felt the layouts were lacking something.
This way I can portray my clients photo's the way they should be. Hoping to show you a sample soon.
And last but not least a photo.....because I never get tired of photos of our dog Boone. Here's one of him alseep with a tennis ball in his mouth.
Til next time, C.

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Cristen said...

What would we do without our dogs! :)

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