Friday, May 15, 2009

Feature Friday

Today's featured photographer is Jessica Claire.
She is a very successful wedding photographer out of Southern California.
Voted one of 2008's top wedding photographers in the world.
Her blog is also her website so all info you might need you can find it there. 
It's a combination of personal stuff from her recent engagement to her winning various poker tournaments to her posts about current weddings.
She's also the creator of the highly acclaimed camera bag Shootsac
And has a separate Art HERE to check that out.
I'm not sure how I would describe her's funky (which I think is the artist in her coming out) and eclectic.
A basic portrait session with her would cost you $2500 USD
And her cheapest wedding package is $8500 USD
Destination weddings are $12,000 USD

Happy Friday!
Til next time, C.

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