Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Engaged: Della & Jamie

Jamie is a guy who knows what he wants. 
While discussing details for their upcoming wedding, Jamie was very clear about what sort of photos he was expecting of me. I've known Della since the 5th grade so I was thrilled to know that my style matches not only what Della envisions but 'especially' what Jamie envisions for his & Della's big day.
But what struck me the most about Jamie knowing exactly what he wants, is that Jamie knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with Della.
He knows he wants to take care of her, he knows he wants to be there for her, and he knows that he will love and cherish her the rest of his days.
How do I know this? See for yourself......
He would crack jokes just to see Della laugh & smile
He helped her up once again, after I asked once again, to put that beautiful white skirt on the ground
He brushed the dirt off the beautiful white skirt. Did I mention I loved Della's outfit?
He kissed her affectionately.....even if I didn't ask
 And the list goes on....but now it's time for me to be quiet and let the rest of the photos speak for themselves.
Jamie & Della, I cannot wait for your wedding in July. 
Based on this small glimpse of your lives that you've already shared with me, I know that your special day will be nothing short of amazing.

Til next time, C

3 Happy Thoughts:

Stephanie said...

Great job Christa. My friend from work is a bridesmaid in their wedding.

Jody said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait for you to take our photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Christa!!


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