Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Thursday

Hello my friends. 
How are you on this BEAUTIFUL Thursday morning? I know it's hot and sunny here, the way a summer day should be. I hope you can say the same :)
Well....I'm all caught up on all of my latest sessions. CD's are completed, DVD slideshows are completed, blog posts are up, and I'm feeling so blessed about the summer thus far. I really didn't expect to have as many sessions and positive feedback as I've been getting.
It has definitely taught me to dream big and aim higher!
I can only hope the summer continues in this manner (even though I'm pretty much booked solid) and that next year is even better.
I want to again, thank ALL of you for following my blog and being such an awesome support system. Without you I wouldn't be here. I would have quit a long time ago. 
So today I have a challenge for you......
This weekend I want you to take 3 photos of the things that make you happy. I don't care if you're a photographer, I don't care if you have a digital SLR or a point & shoot camera. I don't care if your 3 favourite things seem dumb to you. They're not, especially if it makes YOU happy :)
If it makes you happy take a photo of it! 
Then post it to your blog and link in my comments section. If you don't have a blog, just send me an email or just simply list your 3 favs in the comment section.
Oh the comment section is the little section at the end of this post that says "Happy Thoughts"
I'll post my 3 photos on Monday! 
But to hold you over here's a photo of 1 of my favourite things....Boone frolicking in the water
Happy Shooting & Happy Thursday!
Tomorrow's post......another Feature Photographer.
Til next time, C

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