Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just Because: Cara & Callie

Cara is a photographers dream.
She sits quietly and poses as instructed. Smiles perfectly and is as still and as patient as I required her to be.
Even at such a young age she already has a beautiful & soft demeanor.
Callie is a sweet & energetic almost two year old little girl, that literally just wants to run.
Running up the hill, running down the hill (she's still figuring out the brakes), running across the grass, and the list goes on. She gave me and my growing belly quite the workout!
But the perfect blend of the two personalities made my Sunday afternoon with these darling girls oh so much fun!
Look at those dimples
And then the pig tails
He, he, he....Callie is too cute
Did you think I was bluffing when I said that Cara poses "perfectly"
But wait, it gets better.....
Yep, you saw her here first folks, Canada's future Next Top Model.
Love it!
And to finish off the sneak peek, another of Callie. This is my fav of her :)
To Cara & Callie's Mom.....
I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to your daughters, I'm sure they have made life a little bit sweeter for anyone who has met them :)
They have given me a true taste of what motherhood will be like and because of that I am even more excited to take on my own similar adventure.
To Cara & Callie...
Keep being you!
Til next time, C

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Anonymous said...

She definitely is a little model! They are both cuties. Great job!

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