Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Because: Samms Family

Since I'm going through almost 2000 images from the Newfoundland wedding, I've decided to post a few photos of the VERY MINI  "Just Because" session I had with the Samms family.
If you recall just 1 year ago I did this post about their awesome wedding.
Click HERE
And now they have the sweetest bundle of joy named Lucas added to their family.
However, Lucas being 7 weeks old was NOT in the mood to have his photo taken on this foggy Newfoundland afternoon.
Despite that, I still managed to get these couple of photos that I love :)
Told you he was just the sweetest
The very proud Mom & Dad
And one of just Mom and baby Lucas
So I'm doing my best to get the Nfld photos up....please be patient...they're WELL worth the wait :)
Til next time, C

7 Happy Thoughts:

Jody said...

Great shots...I'm patiently waiting ours...come on...this is worse than

Myrna Hynes said...

I agree with Jody - I'm so anxious!

These shots of Jenny, Chris & Lucas are beautiful despite having only 10 minutes worth of shooting and with Lucas crying so much. And here I was expecting a disaster! lol - great job girl!!!

Janis Nicolle said...

These are great pics! Love them and sooo looking forward to see the rest!!! Are you planning a trip home next summer. If so I want to book for a family shoot!

Quirky Christa said...

@ Janis: You're actually the 2nd person to mention you want a session next summer when I'm home. So once we get around to figuring all of that out (probably next winter sometime after Christmas) I'll send you an email :)

Janis Nicolle said...

Thanks! I will be down there for a month or more so whatever works for you works for me!

Jen Wight said...

Awesome job despite all the setbacks. I really love those pics, they turned out so nice, and here I thought they'd be a disaster as well. Tracey wants to book with you for next summer as well. :)
Thanks so much Christa, I really appreciated it. Can't wait to see all the pics you took while home.

Photo Quilts said...

You know that I am super anxious as well :) CAN'T WAIT!! But I know you have alot of work to do. Great job on what you have posted so far. You always do an awesome job.

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