Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Because: Jamey & Jason

Jamey and Jason...Wow!
That is the best word to sum up my shoot with them last Friday night.
They've been engaged for a while but commented that when they had done their engagement photos that it wasn't exactly what they had in mind.
Instead for this shoot, which I would call maybe an un-official engagement shoot, they picked an old church, St. Georges Anglican to be exact which is 100 plus years old.
I admire this church every morning on my way to work and was BEYOND thrilled when Jamey contacted me about doing the shoot at this location.
It was music to my ears, if you're a regular blog follower you know I love brick walls, steps, and old heart does an extra pitter patter.
But here's the best part, after the session was over, I hung out with Jason and Jamey, just chatting for almost 2 hours!! Maybe more.....
They are such wonderful people. They really are the whole package, beautiful inside and out.
But I'll let you be the judge of the outside for now.....Jamey & Jason here is your official sneak peek!
I just realized that I didn't even know which photo to begin with since I love them all so much
He, he, he...this one is cute
I call this one Jason's "fierce" pose....and not in a mocking way. He looks good!
I call these next couple the "romantic" ones
And this one too....they were all for lying in the grass, sitting in the grass, doing just about anything I requested of them.
And here's was SO worth it, don't you think?
 This one is my favourite if I HAD to pick just one
And to conclude, a couple of beautiful solo shots of Jamey
As I was taking this photo, I said to Jamey, I'm so glad the wind is in our favour.
Seriously Jamey knew just how to work it out!
Thank you again...for being great people, picking awesome locations, and putting up with the what seemed like silly requests at the time but I'm thrilled with the end product.
It proved again, just why I LOVE what I do. It's clients and new friends like you that make it all worthwhile :)
Til next time, C.

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Della said...

Hey I know Jamey and Jason I've known them for a few years, pics are amazing Christa!!

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