Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just Because: Sarah

Sarah is turning 1 soon and her Mom wanted to celebrate the occasion by giving her a Just Because session.
When Sarah laughs she scrunches up her whole face, its quite adorable.
Her Mom was worried that we didn't get any of her worries Mom, Sarah was quite the pleasant little girl to photograph and I was not disappointed with the results.
Stinky feet....LOL
I agree Sarah, they don't smell. Everyone is so silly :)
The one thing Sarah really disliked though, was her bare feet touching the grass.
She would get shivers and everything.
As bad as I felt for her I couldn't help but laugh everytime she did it.
Look at her with the one foot lifted off the grass
Time to read a story
Ahhh....didn't think the sepia tone would look this nice with the flowers.
Boy was I wrong! I love these
I'm also working on designing a custom card for Sarah's mom with one of the photos from the session. She had requested I use this verse that I just LOVE.
"We can't believe, though we've had so much fun, our Sweet little Sarah is turning one"
Happy Birthday Sarah, here's to many more.
And to Sarah's Mom, thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to meet your precious daughter. I had a wonderful time :)
Til next time, C

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Oh Christa, these are just beautiful. Some of my favourites of yours to date :)

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