Saturday, August 1, 2009

Married: Della & Jamie

It's time.....for Della's & Jamie's Wedding Photos!!!! Woot, Woot!
I've been talking, blogging, preparing for this wedding for months so there was a lot of hype and build up. I can happily say, it did NOT disappoint.
As usual Jamie was himself, so sure of what he was doing that day. So sure of the commitment he was making.
Della was calm and relaxed. I guess that's how you are when you know someone as commited as Jamie is the one you're going to grow old with.
I have so many photos to share that I want to forewarn you this will be a LONG blog post. But well worth every inch :)
Lets begin with some details, the beautiful flowers and the bling bling!
I loved Uncle Steves' Place where the guys were getting ready. Loved the old light on the wall, the wood panelling, the whole feel of the place. And you can see why....
The house is full of charm
Then a quick visit to Della's parents house for the big moment of her putting on her dress.
Its such an exciting moment, it hangs in the closet, hidden from the groom, and at this moment it all comes together
The girls were a hoot!
But agreed to take a breath to pose...even if just for a moment.
Aren't they beautiful?
A moment alone with Della....breath-taking
Here comes the bride
When Della told me they were getting married at the lighthouse I was ecstatic.
No seriously...I think I grinned the rest of the day when I found out the location. I was so excited.
Why you ask?
This is why...this is why I love weddings, why I love photography
Della & Jamie have a son named Shea, he's super cute but the day of the wedding he was a very sick boy. Here he was during the ceremony with the best man, his Uncle Jason
He stuck it out until the reception, what a little trooper
While the maid of honour was signing the register I caught this very intimate moment between Jamie & Della
The whole bridal party
Again with the lighthouse, if you're considering a wedding in Gros Morne, at least consider this location.
As we were about to head out the boys needed to take a quick pit stop.....just kidding.
Great photo though isn't it? This one was at the groom's request...I have to give Jamie credit because I never would have thought of this myself. Kind of jealous that I wouldn't have. Oh well guess that's because I'm a girl :)
When Della & I were discussing other locations to do photos, I suggested the UNESCO World Heritage Site called The Tablelands
Yep they definitely worked it out!
And my fav from this location
One last photo on our way to the reception before the rain started, which is also the location of THIS photo
A few reception details if you will.....
The food was delicious, with catering by The Chocolate Moose Bakery & Cafe
The cake which was both simple & elegant by Karyn
After the tear jerking toasts, mostly by Jamie himself.
Must note that I've never been to a wedding where the groom pretty much made everyone cry, including most of his groomsmen.
It was time to party!!!
First Dance
A little girls dance with her daddy on her wedding day is extra special but it doesn't have to be butterfly kisses and tears. It can be fun, happy and just as memorable.
This is why I loved this photo so much
Time for the garter toss
Some patience please! And they say women are bad!
Single ladies next please
And the catfight ensues.....LOL.
Okay so maybe women are bad....don't worry it ended friendly, I think?!?!  :)
Are we having fun yet?
I know I did :)
Through the wind, rain, & pregnant belly I had a blast.
Special thanks to Kenda who was my assistant for the day, couldn't have done it without you.
Della & Jamie, where do I begin with my sincerest thanks?
Being able to document your wedding was truly an honour.
Here's to the both of you!
I'll be forever touched by the love you share, the intimate moments when you think nobody is looking,
 and above all, a relationship that is genuine & true.
Til next time, C
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Rae-Anne said...


The wedding pictures are so beautiful,and fun. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, I can't wait to see the rest of them. Let me know when we can pick up the cd LOL....thanks so much Christa just as I knew you would you did an AMAZING job on the most special day of my life and for that I will we forever grateful!!

Love Della

Myrna Hynes said...

Beautiful!! I don't even think I can choose just one favourite cause they're all so awesome! But the last one - the veil - amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Amazing job Christa!


Quirky Christa said...

@ Rae-anne & Vicki, Thanks!
@ Della...sniffle sniffle, I did my best, just good to know you like what you see so far
@ Myrna...the veil one is definitely my fav, so glad the wind was in our favour :)

Janis Nicolle said...

Awesome Job! Wish I had you last year!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Christa your talent is definitely shining through :)

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! I love them!


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