Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Because: The Brake Family

If I had to pick one word to describe the Brake family, it would be FUN!
This family knows what life is about. Its about laughter, hugs, kisses, and spending time together.
On a very cool & windy Sunday morning, my friend Jody, her husband Craig and their kids Gina & Daymon reminded me of how important family is.
Here's a couple solo shots of Gina. She talks in this oh so small voice. Seriously I could just squish her up (that's a good thing)  :)
He, he....too cute
Daymon is definitely the shy one of the family. He really wasn't much for having his photo taken however he did want one of himself on a car....I love his expression of trying not to smile/laugh
Close up
Some of Mom & Dad, if you know Jody you know there's hardly a serious bone in her body. There might be ONE in there somewhere?
She's definitely the life of the party
Here's the ONE serious bone, I knew it was in there somewhere!
Can't forget one alone of Dad
We headed inside to warm up and I was able to capture this family shot
But back outside before finishing up and I was able to capture this!
Love it!
Despite the strong winds, cool weather and the early morning when I know you were out late the previous evening, you worked it out! I told you not to worry :)
Til next time, C

4 Happy Thoughts:

Janis said...

Great Job Christa !!! Im sure Jody will love them :-)

Jody said...

I Love love love them...It was an awesome time! Thankfully I never looked too hungover...lol Thanks so much Christa! You have talent like no other and I will definately want you to do more whenever you are back in Newfie Land.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!!!


Myrna Hynes said...

Holy Blue eyes on Gina!
I really think the family shot in front of the fireplace turned out beautifully!

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