Thursday, September 17, 2009

Custom Albums: Part II

I recently received another couple of custom album orders.....I love these so much and get so excited when I see them.
The first one I'd like to show is another 7x9 softcover and could be used either as a keepsake album or Guest Sign in Book as mentioned in THIS post.
A few of the photos on the inside, note this was designed leaving the "back" of every page blank in case it does end up being used as a sign in book.

Another layout...I personally LOVE the full page photos
 And now on to the highlight of this first custom designed wedding album.
Della & Jamie haven't seen this yet so it'll be a very minimal sneak peek....I'm quite happy with the results.
This is the 9x12 padded leather album (hardcover)
This is where my "custom" designing really came was a lot of work and I really don't know if future albums will be "as" elaborate
I feel like this page layout tells the story of when they were getting ready before the ceremony
Another fav from the album
And last but not least......lets have some bubbly in the car :)

So that's just an idea of my product line.
I have narrowed down one more supplier for a 10x9 option and 14x12 option but basically look the same as above just a size difference and also a Linen hardcover option rather than just leather (It's really nice) However this supplier does cost a little more but in some cases will definitely be what my brides (and grooms) will be looking for.
All feedback is welcome! 
Til next time, C.

3 Happy Thoughts:

Jody said...

Awesome!!! Absolutely awesome!!! You one talented chicky!

*kayla said...

These are an awesome idea! not many photographers i've seen offer this as an option.

Myrna Hynes said...

Looks fabulous!
I still need to go through my pics to decide on what I want for a collage!

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