Friday, June 26, 2009

Feature Photographer: Justin & Mary

Today's feature are wedding photographers Justin & Mary. 
A husband & wife team out of New England, USA
I cannot say enough good things about them.
I've chatted with Mary a couple of times via email and she's a wonderful person. 
Sweet, sincere and quick to give advice to us newbie photographers.
I'm so upset that I cannot make their workshop that they're hosting in July. Boo! :(
Their blog is their website, they do not list prices because their whole philosophy is to get to know you first and they do a custom package just for your needs.
They also do quite a bit of charity work, more specifically The Portrait House 
for more info on that click HERE 
To see ALL their goodness click HERE for their blog/website!
Happy Friday and here's to an awesome weekend, don't forget to take your photos for yesterdays challenge.
Til next time, C

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