Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Because: The Hughes Family

The Hughes family, they're from Calgary but we're visiting Newfoundland at the same time as me and scheduled WELL in advance their session to ensure a spot in my busy schedule.
Daphne, the mom, the heart of the family, is also a very close childhood friend of mine. Over the years we've stayed close and despite the miles I still call her a very dear friend.
On this very hot and sunny Tuesday afternoon we headed out to a few locations to get their family portraits.
The results....ah-mah-zing!!! Or I think so.
It also resulted in me getting a pretty bad sunburn, my own fault for not putting on sunblock before I headed out. But it was worth it when you see the awesome blue skies that were definitely a welcomed back drop.
I think every time I turned around to find Josh he was in the water. Picking up crab shells, mussel shells, rocks, you name it. Hey what can I say he is a boy afterall....but an OH SO CUTE one at that!
So Daphne had pre-warned me that Caitlynn is NOT camera shy, and loves to pose. She was right :)
 It was EASY to get this shot of her. Gorgeous!
Dad taking a "breather" while I was focusing on the kids
Then we headed to a little fishing shack on the beach, no worries, my dad knows the owner and we were able to get permission to shoot there.
See what I mean about the blue skies being the perfect back drop?
A few more of the kids.....brotherly & sisterly love....he, he
No worries, they made up
One last quick one of Caitlynn....poser....LOL
And last but not least, Daphne
She's a mom who works very hard at raising her children, being a wife, and being a very talented quilter. Check out her blog HERE
I was thrilled to be able to get some not so "mom" looking photos of her.
I've put what I call a more "artistic" feel to these with my processing and editing, what do you think?
LOVED the shoes!
Yeah baby....Mom schmom!
And this nice one to finish everything off
Daphne, its been too long since we saw each other last.
 I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to do your family photos, I'm truly touched :)
You and your family are beautiful and I had a great time capturing that for you.
Til next time, C

5 Happy Thoughts:

Myrna Hynes said...

Ok, I LOVE so many of these! Wow, the last one of Daphne is BEAUTIFUL! I love the one of Colin sitting on the rocks, I love the kids "mad" and then looking super cute on the tractor. All very nice, great job!

Photo Quilts said...

I love love love them! Thank you so much. You do such a wonderful job! I'm so happy that I finally have some pictures of "us" done by the best photographer I know! Thanks!

Quirky Christa said...

@ Daphne: Aaaahhh...gee, I don't know if I'd go that far but thank you for the compliment. He, he :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I agree with Myrna too! The kids could pass as twins in the pic on the tractor. They are so cute!


amanda thiessen said...

great photos!

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