Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Because: The Hynes Family

The Hynes Family, now THAT is who you want to spend a Sunday afternoon with.
Here's why.....
Great job Sarah....high five!
How pretty is Sarah...seriously?
Daddy's girl
....even though she doesn't look too confident about being so high up :)
1, 2, 3.....UP!!!!
Then a couple alone of Mom & Dad
Jamie who really isn't much for having his photo taken, was a great sport when I asked him to not only pose but kiss his wife Myrna for ALL the world to see
You know what he's thinking here? Seriously....can I go now?
Yes you can go, because we're going to take some solo shots of Sarah
First let's get Grandma's garden weeded
Myrna's Dad has this OLD truck that we used for some of Sarah's photos and Myrna "Just Because" session
Here's the ones of Sarah....Myrna's Just Because session, coming soon!
LOVE Sarah's leggings
I couldn't wait to use the old truck as a prop when Myrna and I discussed it.
Obviously this is why
What's that volkswagen commercial? There are passengers and then there are drivers.
Drivers wanted.
Sarah is definitely a driver
And one last shot, it was accidental because she didn't want to stay sitting on the truck. But I love it cause it totally looks like she's posing
Thanks so much again to the Hynes family. Especially Jamie who tolerated my awesome photographer skills.
Not really....I'm just a girl with a camera, loving what I do.
So don't forget...stay tuned for Myrna's VERY hot and sexy "Just Because" session....oh yeah it's that good!
Til next time, C

6 Happy Thoughts:

Myrna Hynes said...

Finally!! I've been clicking on your blog every 5 minutes this :)
Awesome job Christa, I love the photos! The ones of Sarah are fabulous - so happy you were able to capture our rambunctious 2-year old. Now, how am I ever going to be able to choose which ones to frame?

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! Myrna I love Sara outfits. Cannot wait to see your solo session! oh and your looking good girl!


Janis Nicolle said...

Wow!!! Awesome Job!! Pics are GREAT! Can't wait for Myrnas solo pics

Quirky Christa said...

@ Myrna: If you can't pick just one to frame, consider a storyboard. Think about it :)

Tara said...

AAAAAHHHH....what a beautiful family! I love the old fashion ones the best! GREAT captures Christa - I'm envious that we did not meet up when I was in Ontario!!!

Stephanie said...

These photos are great-I am also envious that I didn`t try to book you but my schedule wouldn`t allow it during the week you were home. Next time :)

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